An applicant can apply for 25% of the total project costs up to $50,000.
Example: Total Project Costs is $200,000, applicant eligible for $50,000.
If applicant qualifies for the whole $50,000, up to $20,000 OF THE $50,000 may be used for:
» Architectural Services
» Legal Services
» Financial Services
» Environmental Services*
If applicant qualifies for the whole $50,000, up to $50,000 may be used for:
» Facade Improvements**
- Removal/Demolition
- Doors and/or entry Replacement
- Masonry Cleaning/Restoration
- Storefront Construction
- Carpentry and Painting
- Window Replacement/Restoration
- Lighting
- Awnings
- Garden window boxes
- Landscaping/Patios
- Sidewalks/Pedestrian Access
- Dumpster Screening
- Decorative security fencing
» Roof Repairs/Replacement
» Security Systems
» Fixed Equipment
» Signage
* Note: Asbestos surveys are required for federal funding. If the building owner has not completed an asbestos survey, this will be included in the grant amount.

** Note: Prior to approval for funds, the OTSC would like to see base renderings for façade improvements. If funds are needed to complete the exterior architectural drawings, a portion of the funds may be accessible to the approved applicant for the development of architectural drawings. The remaining fund approval is contingent on providing renderings of façade improvements that the OTSC believes will improve and build upon the revitalization of the community.

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