Bloody Run Creek Greenway Project
Eastern Market Corporation, Detroit, MI, 2011 - present
The Bloody Run Creek Greenway Redevelopment Project is a creek daylighting and redevelopment project of a 3,500 acre site that aims to address critical stormwater management needs, spur further development, and create a recreational amenity for the surrounding neighborhoods. This redevelopment project area encompasses built and natural lands on the near east side of Detroit and includes Eastern Market, one of the U.S.’s largest food wholesale and retail markets. Zachary & Associates, Inc. contributes to this revitalization and long-range planning project in partnership with the Detroit Collaborative Design Center, NTH Consultants, Ltd., Adi Shamir, The Mannik & Smith Group, and Urban Resource Alliance. Most recently, the team developed a comprehensive Bloody Run Creek Greenway Redevelopment plan with funding from the Kresge Foundation and the Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority.
Hamtramck Shopper’s World Housing and Market Assessment
City of Hamtramck Community and Economic Development, Hamtramck, MI, 2011
The City of Hamtramck retained Zachary and Associates, Inc. to conduct an in-depth commercial retail and residential housing market study for the municipality. The preliminary analysis included a collection of existing market and statistical data, primary research via: focus groups, surveys, interviews, assessment of market-wide indices, SWOT analysis, trade area delineation, demographic analysis, and a real estate market assessment. Based on its findings, the firm drafted residential and retail market strategies for the city. The market strategies included comprehensive supply analysis, demand assessment, gap analysis, and identification of opportunities for the city. While the firm found a weak for-sale housing market as well as specific commercial weaknesses, it identified underserved retail niches in the city, specific chain and independent retail opportunities, and untapped residential rental markets in the secondary and tertiary market areas.
Senior Housing Market Analysis for the Colony Lane Project
CSI Support and Development Services, Inc., Pontiac, Michigan, 2009
CSI, formerly Cooperative Services, Inc., retained Zachary and Associates, Inc. to conduct a senior housing market analysis for their proposed Colony Lane Cooperative Apartments project, a 61 unit low- income senior housing development to be located in Pontiac, Michigan. Based on research methodology that the firm developed, primary and secondary market areas were defined, and exhaustive research was conducted on the demographics, economics, and housing in the market areas. Based on its research, the firm identified trends in each of these areas of research as they related to potential housing demand. In addition, the firm located planned senior housing developments and interviewed every operational senior housing facility in the market study areas to estimate current and projected supply for the study. Based on senior-specific population projections made previously, the firm estimated demand for the identified supply of such housing, and demonstrated an overwhelming need for the proposed housing development in the proposed location in Pontiac.
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and CEDS Update
Wayne County Planning Department, Wayne County, Michigan, 1998-1999 and 2001-2002, 2006 Update
Zachary and Associates, Inc. served as consultants for the preparation of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Wayne County and the Update in following years. This extensive process involved working with Wayne County’s planning staff and an advisory committee comprised of Wayne County representatives from city governments, non-profit and civic organizations and the business sector. Actual document preparation involved researching and examining the background of Wayne County, evaluating the area and the economy, and developing goals, objectives and a development strategy. This document served as the Master Plan for decision-making in regards to the granting of U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA) funds in Wayne County jurisdictions. Zachary and Associates, Inc. has since completed successful EDA grant applications for the cities of Highland Park and Hamtramck, obtaining over $3.5 million for infrastructure and streetscape improvements.

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